A Taste For Labels

CardExchange® PriceTag

CardExchange® PriceTag makes creating the perfect display labels easy and affordable. Using plastic display labels are hygienic and easy to clean. Creating your own food labels can be time consuming and the results can be unappealing. There is even a chance their fibers can contaminate food products. With CardExchange® Pricetag food labels are automated with more effective results. CardExchange® PriceTag is a seamless system for printing a professional, hygienic and durable label in quick and easy steps.

PriceTag Feature Highlights

  • Easy-to-Use Interface

  • Preloaded Icon Library

  • Advanced Designer

  • User Guided Wizard

Improve Brand Image

CardExchange® PriceTag will provide you with eye-catching branding for your display. Your high-quality, professional display will increase sales.

On Demand Printing

Last minute change of display or trying a new product? No problem, CardExchange® PriceTag can print labels on demand, in store with just a few clicks.

Clear Product Information

Most countries now require customers can clearly read and understand all the nutritional information in your food-based products. Add nutritional and allergen information to pre-defined templates.

Step-by-Step Wizard

Creating food labels has never been easier using our advance step-by-step wizard. Within a few clicks you have have created professional looking labels, ready to be printed.

Advanced Designer

CardExchange® PriceTag comes with a powerful designer which offers all the design tools your organization needs to create the perfect label. Including all the customization tools to make the labels part of your brand. 

Extensive Icon Library

CardExchange® PriceTag comes with an extended library of images that can be used freely in your designs. It also includes special fonts. In short, the software brings all the features to create a label that fits your organization.

Unlimited Labels

Create as many labels as needed, CardExchange® PriceTag has unlimited labels and can be used with any ID card printer.

Reuse Label Information

All your information is safely stored in the internal database, always ready to be reused. Instead of always starting from scratch you can now safe time by using your existing templates.

Hygienic and High Quality

Hygienic, sturdy and easy to keep clean, these PVC cards are particularly well suited to establishments that serve food.

Showcase your Ingredients & Allergens

People tend to purchase from an independent retailer where they could clearly see the allergen/nutritional information on display. Most of the time, they find it hard reading the labeling/food allergens and nutritional information when browsing their local retailer’s products. So stop wasting your time on handwritten food labeling and start automate them!

Allergen Free Products

CardExchange® PriceTag help you clearly communicate your products ingredients to improve the overall customer experience. While still showcasing you products in all its best glory. 

Common Allergens

It is becomming more an more of a priority to indicate the substances causing allergies in unpackaged food, which can be complicated to clearly communicate on food lables. CardExchange® PriceTag is here to help.

Food & Drinks

By designing beautiful labels you can improve the look and feel of your products. Truly making the labels part of your brand whilst having a clear and hygenic look being displayed. 

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